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10/13/06 Decided to Redo the Aging Web Site. Not a Real Improvement other than I am using the I-Mac to do it and can make changes a bit more easily So It looks about the same.

06/22/06- Ok so the Portland Phoenix has written an article about us. It was written by SARA DONNELLY and here is the Link to the Article. In trying to prep for this I unearthed some more Pictures and got some people to take a bit more interest in the place. News 8 Jim Keithly is apparently an alum of the house, He wrote this article as the Mummy.

04/17/04- Wow.. It has been a long time coming.. 2 years and finally some new Content. Ken has provided us some new Picks. If you have anything let me know. I will get it up and going asap.

10/14/02- Ok here we go again I was blowen out by my ISP the $3 a month people Pulled the Plug. I have moved to a new ISP. Sorry about that.. I will rebuild everyone's e-mail accounts as soon as I can. So Stay Tuned.

4/08/02- Re Written Letters To the Crypt page. you can log in as yourself (Or generate an alias) submit a story. It can be a complete or incomplete (Others can add on to this story.) so we can exchange what we remember about the house. I hope this works it is my first try getting a CGI page running. If you need me to add a category let me know and I will put it up..

Here we go: The First Real Page for

Hi. This is from me, Dave. This page and box is for everyone who has worked or even visited The Haunted Mansion at Cascade Water and Amusement Park. I worked there for many years and it was finally sold and burned down. It was a fantastic time of my life and I have made many life long friends from the experience.

So we, the last crew of the haunted mansion, are building this site to communicate the experiences and memories we had there.. The content on this page is a bit lame but it will get better soon I hope..

(lovingly spell-checked by amy)
Roy Johnson, the former manager before Me and Doug took over.
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