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Gotta Say

Postby the_kid » Wednesday 29th 2015f July 2015 04:0:48 PM

When your team sucks it is less fun to talk shit. I'll tell you to your face that Gritty's will smash the shit out of your team, then meet you and your team at a bar just to throw y'all through some windows and drag your captain across the bar top, while chugging a stein of Gritty's red ale. But the losses, they keep me up at night. A loss is an itch that I can't scratch, and nothing makes me itch, my immune system is that of Zeus, just ask any mosquito, the damn things explode trying to extract my blood, probably because my red blood cells have biceps the size of the moon.

Finally getting a win breathes a little life into my desire to talk shit. I gotta say, it feels damn good to get a win. Damn good. I got Troy breathing down my neck, Pozzy not giving a shit, pumping dead tunes from his car that he drives on the field, and the rest of my team just clanging passes that the kid puts for what should be scores, all damn summer this is going on.

Things are finally coming together, at the right time. Gritty's is making a run for the tournament. But Gritty's is always a front runner when there is champagne on the line, just ask 2004, 2009, 2011 and 2013*.

Normally I would type something to the effect of I could throw a flick huck from wainright field 4 to cumberland field 8.

Roll Gritty's
Just trying to have a good time, hang out with some friends, if I happen to win a few (a few) games and be Fast as f*ck and ripped as hell!!!along the way, so be it..........


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