Bowl Expo

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Bowl Expo

Postby Charlie Mitchell » Saturday 27th 2015f June 2015 12:0:38 AM

Hey now! Who's got two thumbs and just got back from getting wined and dined at the Bowl Expo in 2015???????? Hint: THIS GUY!!!!! Holy shit anyone ever seen Carlito's Way, yeah I'm Carlito!!!! It is true I just got back from saving the PBA as everyone knows it, and since no one knew it I can say that and it is legit. So here is the real deal. I have Dave Kallin and you don't, and if you don't like that take it up with him. Best time to do it is when he is laying out by you getting the D.

Bayside is back in a big way!!!!

I saved the PBA I can save the PSL.
I make the Quarterfinals every year! You might be a better Ultimate player than me, but I am a better bowler than you!

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