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Man, sometimes I think I'd rather be trapped inside a skyscraper full of terrorists then be stuck inside on a rainy day. It is what it is

Maine Movement V Mortgage- Interesting match here. You've got team farmington (MM), captains went to UMF, their next couple of picks when to UMF, one to UMO (a poor man's UMF) and a cagey vet who, for all intent purposes we can say, went to UMF, all accompanied by some scrubs he picked up in the later rounds. Mortgage, you have team youth league and the coaches who seemingly don't age. Add on the only other person to grunt when they pull it (besides Pozzy), which can be intimidating, and again, some scrubs they picked up late night. MM combined age of maybe 127, Mortgage combined age of something like 500. Yet, I believe Mortgage will send Jared and company into the Loss column.

Mortgage wins, 15-7

Gritty's V Amigos

Even though Amigos is 2-0, I have heard there is some dissension within the Amigos roster. Rids specifically is fed up with not being on Gritty's, and he's letting everybody know about it. As I was walking by to get to my field this:

Ross: Rids, how's it going today?
Rids: Sister Teresa called me Mr. Gray in the third grade. My friends call me Rids, and you're neither, shit-head.

Whoa! enough said there. And with Gritty's getting their loss of the season out of the way, they are storming now onto a 17-1 season.

Gritty's wins, 15-10

STC v Northeast by Northwest trading company

STC has false confidence going into this game. Their last game they won on the mercy of Gritty's. It was kind of like a big dog letting the little dog get to the food dish first. Now STC thinks they can get to the food dish first every Tuesday and Thursday. STC has a guy from Philly up for the summer. I asked him how he liked being on a team with JG and Aikens. His reply "all things being equal, I'd rather be in Philadelphia." Rumor is that Henry Briggs picked a drinking buddy that isn't even playing and somehow was still in the draft list. Bad pick or blame it on Pozzy's system? Ths\is one ends in a tie, because both teams suck.

Tie, 5-5, due to inevitable darkness and uncountable turnovers.

That's it for now chuckleheads
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