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Postby Corey P » Thursday 21st 2015f May 2015 09:0:47 AM

Hello Portland,

It's been a while, I know. I've been out in the desert, trying to come up with some new material. I thought that would be a great place to go, all these funny looking lizards running around and plants, but boy, I really came up dry. Heeeyyyoooo!!!!!!

I'll tell ya, there's this new thing called facebook. Anybody heard of this thing? I mean, what is the deal, it's on a computer, so there is no book involved, and how exactly does it involve your face? I mean, am I crazy people? Alright, alright. My Seinfeld impression is not exactly spot on, ok ok. You can stop booing!!

Seriously though. We've got some serious changes to summer league this year. Pozzy isn't captaining. We've all seen it, it gets to be Pozzy's turn, he starts asking people around him, who is good, who should I pick? Friedland, Dave Owen, Bond, Morrill, Hebda, Jay Batch, Dave Kallin, Me, you're all off the hook. Badda Bing!

See you at the draft!

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