I'm quite upset

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I'm quite upset

Postby brandon__morrill » Wednesday 28th 2014f May 2014 11:0:34 AM

Yo, what is the policy with game cancellations? I was cheated out of a comeback win yesterday, and I want it changed from an L to a NC (No Contest) because there was no contest last night. "We" decided to cancel our game against Mortgage, but it was on the eve of an all out turn around come from behind take half. We agreed that we would schedule a make up game, but I now realize that who has the time? So, while the other time was up at the time that we called the game, I want it changed to a NC on the website. I refute that loss. I'm too much of a baller to go out like that. Thing is, no other games were cancelled. All in all, Throat put me up to this. I got to go to the post game early and drink, so I didn't really care. And another thing, I was denied a captains tab brew! I'm a captain, gimme the benefits, aight? And I thought Pozzy was Falmouth for life.

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