CF 1-4 Picks

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CF 1-4 Picks

Postby the roaming gambler » Tuesday 27th 2014f May 2014 08:0:24 AM

CF1Bayside vs Athletes- Bayside picked up Matt Bates after the draft, Athletes picked up josh Bjerrum. Some people say that Derek is the best thrower in the league, some people say Bond is. Bowl has an old guy that can throw (Bates), Athletes has an old guy that can throw (Berube). Bayside has a goofy guy that thinks he's a stud (Sam Austin) and Athlete's has a goofy guy that thinks he is a stud (Alves). Should be a pretty even battle. I think Athlete's will be a little too young and speedy for Bayside.

CF2 Flatbread vs STC- Here you have the man that has put enough miles under his heels to have run to the moon and back (JG) and his "if it's not one injury than it's another" cocaptain Andy Aikens against the future of Maine Ultimate, the Fiery Thomas Edmonds and Sarah Sparks. The rumor is that STC picked people that had questionable attendance. To me it seems like another work out for JG, get in as much running as possible, and like another injury for Aikens. Easy win for Flatbread. It's too bad the captains aren't of age, they will be the first to the post game.

CF3 Bucks vs APT- Not sure what to say about this one, you've got some UMO grads against some UMF grads, might be a fight for Umaine pride. Other than that, both teams look like they could be selling lemonade and no one would stop. Fuzzy and Cooter will be too much for APT, who don't really look like they have any defensive guns. Bucks wins the Umaine bowl.

CF4 Grittys vs Brunos- I sstopped betting against Gritty's a long time ago, ever since Leding and Troy found me at a post game and threw me through a window. Bruno's could have drafted Beau Kitteridge and I would still predict a Leding flick huck to Troy for a score. That being said, Gritty's for the win!

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