The Draft: The Bad

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The Draft: The Bad

Postby the riddler » Thursday 22nd 2014f May 2014 05:0:43 PM

The Bad

Hard to imagine what Jon Gilbert and Andy Aikens were thinking with their picks. Maybe they just wanted a lot of playing time, so they picked people who were going to be there very little. That's the only explanation I can think of. Then again I stole fire from Zeus, what was I thinking? That way they can play a lot, get injured and blame their losses not on their shitty team, but the fact that they were injured. The grass is always greener on the uninjured side, right boys?

APT, the oldest team this summer. Leave it to a couple of college players to look for guidance, but you've drafted too much guidance. Not only will their defense suck, they appear too be huck happy. Tell me, who is going to run down these hucks? Who is going to get the disc back after uncaught hucks? This isn't college, you can't party the night before and expect to cram and pass. You have officially failed.

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