The Draft: The Good

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The Draft: The Good

Postby the riddler » Thursday 22nd 2014f May 2014 05:0:08 PM

The Good

Dog Grille appears to be fairly competent, at least as far as the regular season is concerned. We all know what happens when tourney time comes: Pistrang leaves town, as does his team's chance for a title. But, his team looks pretty balanced. Someone to throw, some experience, someone to cut, someone for D. And their team is 1/13th Amherst, so they have that going for them.

CJ "the Weasel" Wesley has done it again, drafted another tough town. Ross Perry, welcome to the Rat Pack, as he likes to refer to his teammates. Like a bonzai tree in heavy wind, not a weak link. And don't get CJ fired up, he is calm like the eye of a hurricane, but intense like Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone.

Benji Davis picks like his life depends on it, or did this year. Might have been because Alex ROSATI is captaining, so didn't have to worry about picking someone with the first name Alex and hoping to the great cosmic intelligence that it was the right Alex. I take that back, he ended up with Alex Hennings, not what who he was going for, but he'll take it. Reunited with Dave Owen and Jeff Baer, Villamania could be running wild again.

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