The Draft: The Ugly

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The Draft: The Ugly

Postby the riddler » Thursday 22nd 2014f May 2014 05:0:20 PM

The Ugly

The draft happened. As always in life, there were surprises. There were trends that were followed, little to the surprise of many, and there were just bone-headed moves by rookies and veterans alike. Listening to Chase Baker make his picks, it was like watching someone open a chess match with a4 e5 Ra3 Bxa3. If you play chess, you know what I'm talking about. It's like reaching back for your bishop and knocking over your king. Self checkmate.

Oh man, if Noah Backer was pissed about how his team finished last summer, I can't wait to see his reaction about how cocaptain Henry Babcock picked. I can only liken it to someone burning his mouth with coffee, while stepping on a errant lego piece, while watching his car get towed. Advice for Henry: Get involved in an illegal heist, offer the cops your testimony and go into witness protection. I think Noah is going to be mad…

Cracked, these captains are cracked in the head. Synopsis of their strategy of picking: Andre would suggest someone, Pozzy would throw up and argument against it, with 4 seconds left Pozzy throws up a name from a team from his past, example Ledue, or a random, and that would be their pick. The rumor is Pozzy doesn't give a fuck about winning. Should be a fun summer for Andre. Hope you like carbs because you are in for some bagels.

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