Draft Hard, Again

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Draft Hard, Again

Postby John McClane » Tuesday 20th 2014f May 2014 05:0:37 PM

Hey knuckleheads, Detective John McClane throwing in my two cents for the Portland Summer League draft, and two cents is about all I have in my pockets, just ask my wife, thanks honey. Preferential picks have been the big talk around the office this week, I don't even have time to hang an offensive sign on my back without hearing Ross Perry this, Wildwood that, lose what pick for who. Enough already, the world turns on exploding buildings and empty bullet shells, curtesy of my trigger finger, Yippy-Kai-Yay. Anyways, my thoughts:

The first pick will be Alberto and Victoria Morales. Sunny D, you're up my man! Given that the prefs are generally not the best players, they are in for a shitstorm. I can hear them on the sidelines now:
Alberto: Listen, you fail I cover your ass. I fail you cover my ass!
Victoria: And if we both fail?
Alberto: Then we're both fucked!

Speaking of getting fucked, Andre Clement, what were you thinking? Captaining Pozzy's team. Don't you learn from a brother from Falmouth's past mistakes? The last time I saw fear like that was in '88, Hans Gruber was taking a crash course in gravity.

Andre speaking with Rich: Why me? What does he got to do with me?
Rich: I have no idea, he just said it had to be you.

I've heard that CJ Weasel has been on the phone all winter trying to reach Rids to get permission to draft him, much like last year, conversation at the draft went like this:

CJ: Rids, why was your phone always busy? Who were you calling?
Rids: The psychic hotline. You don't want to draft me CJ, I'm just a fly in the ointment. The monkey in the wrench. The pain in the ass. I heard it was a good summer for both of them.

Kevin Sturtevant, I can see it now. Jes Heil picks Kevin Sturtevant with her pref. The next thing someone says "Gosh, that man looks really pissed." Haha, Welcome to the party Pal!

Thats it for now.
Yippie Ki Yay mother------

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