Declaration of Bendependence

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Declaration of Bendependence

Postby Ben_Davis » Thursday 01st 2013f August 2013 02:0:47 PM

I haven't had a rant all summer. Sure I have made a post here and there about how great the talent is in Farmington and how my team is full of it (talent, not the other it (sh*t)), I have declared that Derek will be at the tournament, ensuring that we will win. Blah, blah, blah, it's all old hat.

This is from the big ole beating heart of Benji.

Pizza Villa will win this summer. It started at the draft. I always go into drafting people by their talent level. I don't care if personalities conflict, if people can or can not get along. We are here to play frisbee, not have tea, play bridge or plan a road trip to waffle house. So I draft people I know are committed. Derek drives from 2 hours away to play, and has been to almost every game. Commitment. Would he do that for every team? No. He's committed to Villa.

The draft was funny, there was pizza, alcohol, wine and mingling, all sorts of distractions that are meant to get a captain off of his game and I wasn't biting. I knew who I wanted to get and who I didn't.

So I got who I wanted, a mixed bag of villa vets, villa newbs and Farmington players that I knew would be up for winning.

Now, I've got a bone to pick. What is the deal with Maine Gym? Talk about a rivalry, and not the team, no one is talking about them unless it is to say how much they suck, take offense if you want. Maine Gym, you may be the original pink team, but we are the better pink team, so just give it up already. You should stick with charcoal, pass the torch Toby, pass the pink torch. And we are the better charcoal team, funny that you picked that color after us...Also, what is the deal with Toby poaching my players? Alex Whiting? Ledue in recent years? Taking Farmington players first round? Am I sensing a little jealousy Toby? You know what they say about imitation... I'm onto you, PV hasn't lost to Maine gym since 2008, in the finals.

Before I make this too long, I am just saying that Villa, the team that everyone loves to hate, is going to beat Maine Gym if we run into them, and also win the league. You know those little brackets people fill out before? You'd be wise to end it with Villa winning. Earn yourself 5 dollars. This might be the first time that the winning team has not picked up first round player material right before the tournament, although we are trying to get Landesman's wife and daughter. We don't throw to women, what are you worried about?

What are you going to do, when Villamania lands on you?
Would you like a slice of pizza with your win?

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