Prognosticating Cumberland

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Prognosticating Cumberland

Postby Ben Waike » Thursday 01st 2013f August 2013 12:0:28 PM

CF1- Dogfish, and I would know, will be shorthanded (not short bearded though) as we take on Port Sports. Had we a full team, we would take this easy. But I'm afraid with a small squad, we will lose, netting Port Sports 5-3 in crossovers and most likely the 4th seed.

CF2- Who knows what is going with Bingas, rumor is that they have good women, but I look at their roster and just don't see anyone that can cover Nathan Buck, certainly not Allen or Dave Skelly. I would not be surprised if NGVS wins this game. I've never been surprised in my life.

CF3- This is an easy one, Amigos will defeat a bondless Bayside. Has anyone ever taken a chemistry class? What happens when a molecule has no bonds? Entropy, in other words, disorder. And I never bet against the wife.

CF4- It is hard not to say that Bucks won't lose. I think they have already accepted this. Corey's comedy aside, Baxter seems to be clinging to some sort of hope, climbing out of the bottom 4 and into the pickable range.

CF5- I'm not going to bet against Rising Tide. For one thing, I don't bet, and another, I have helped coach the kids and even against a veteran like Dylan, I like their chances. I have prepared them for swilly shit throws all summer (see what I did there?) I expect to see them in the finals actually.

CF6- The second RT will defeat UFF. I just don't see any team being able to put a team out there that can compete with these kids. If we had Captain Amherst, we could beat them, but he is off canoeing or some shit. Point is, Rising Tide Black wins this game, unless their coach decides to do something strange.

CF8- Tuesday was the beginning of the end for Gritty's. When faced against good teams (Villa, , they fold, and they are playing the best team tonight. It's simple math, and I know math.
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