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Pop goes the weasle

Postby CJ Weasle » Tuesday 16th 2013f July 2013 02:0:17 PM

Was listening to Wu Tang Clan last night, been a fan since their '93 release 36 chambers. You might not have expected that from my squeaky clean image that I project, but I am far from squeaky clean. For example, if we are playing monopoly, and you owe me money, better be prepared to mortgage your houses and hotels. I don't take trades and I don't give out favors or deals.

We were playing APT the other night, we were trading points, even at 8's. It occurred to me that they could probably use a win, given they have absolutely none. And then I came to my senses. I called a time out. All I said in the huddle was "Port Sports, protect ya neck!" and that was enough to get the message out to bring da ruckus.

Let it be known, Port Sports ain't nothing to fuck with!!!!
I just wanna win a game, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?

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