Tuesday Winners and Losers at Cumberland

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Tuesday Winners and Losers at Cumberland

Postby the roaming gambler » Monday 27th 2013f May 2013 10:0:58 PM

The wannabe original summer league villain Benji Davis picked himself a talented squad primarily from Farmington, which seems like it would be tough to overcome, unless you were used to battling fish upon the high seas, with your first mate, Yoni. That's right, Sunny D and Yoni are back at it, but has replaced his young tall athlete former champion Avery with an older thrower who has been to the finals on Scribners back. Just think of it like this: Benji wants to get into Canada, but he doesn't have a passport. Sunny D and Flyfish are the border patrol and are locking up and checking Benji's car. In short, Villa isn't going anywhere.

Word on the street is that Gritty's is short-handed for tomorrow. The last time that Leding and Troy were together, they didn't quite do as well as they were expecting to do. Not to mention Leding picked a useless second round pick, which could be argued as a bad decision. Same could be said about Troy. Gritty's seems like it is a team about bad decisions. Who knows what Rivalries will look like. Historically, Rivalries has sucked. Who is to say this summer will be any different? Gritty's wins.

Rising Tide runs through any team that is put in front of them. Rookie Captain Bill Mill didn't seem to know anyone at the draft and was taking suggestions from neighboring captains. But, anyone who has attended the draft knows that everyone is looking out for #1. Bill would have been wise to draft by bio rather than to take the advice of people who are basically his enemy. Rising Tide wins.

Another Rising tide vs Rookie Captain game, though with a twist. Hudson was on Rising Tide last summer, so there is a little pride at stake here. Not to mention, with the USM Huskies not making college nationals, these two captains, plus unofficial captain Drew Hammond, have a chip on their collective shoulder. Rising Tide wins.

Let the great Friedland-Bond experiment begin. We've seen Bond and Charlie Mitchell. We've seen Friedland and Charlie MItchell. Now we get to see all three, the three stooges. I foresee a lot of slapstick miscommunication, and much like in the 3 stooges pictures, there won't be much laughing. Moe (Friedland) will be calling the shots, Larry (mitchell) will be getting in the way and Curly (Bond) will be rubbing his head and running in circles. Michigan's own Noah Backer will lead his team to a win.

Whoomp, there it is. Tag team, (tommy and kevin) are back again. Remember that songs from the 90's? That's the timeframe that Tommy and Kevin were in their prime. The problem, for everyone else, is that their prime seems to be never-ending. Adding Jamie Shead to the equation doesn't make them easier to beat either. The only challenge Binga's will be able to offer is the hottest wing challenge, which, unfortunately for them, has nothing to help them in this game. Mortgage wins.

Nosh and Baxter- Neither of these teams look any good. Both teams got a preferential pick. Unlike any other team, Baxter was able to chose not just a preferential pick, but a captain. Sturtevant has some extra responsibility. Funny, he didn't want to captain, but ends up as one. At least he'll get a few laughs out of it. Swanny is very funny. Baxter wins.

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