What's Up Bitches?!?!!?!?

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Charlie Mitchell
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What's Up Bitches?!?!!?!?

Postby Charlie Mitchell » Wednesday 30th 2012f May 2012 08:0:08 PM

That's right it's Portland Ultimate's new resident hucker in the house. Huck and play D that's my new motto. No Friedland, some tool in high socks and still we dominated. Then headed back to the lanes and Bayside smoked Gritty's and Gritty's alum (TDYOB) 3-2 635-600 powered by my 232, so yeah I rolled a 232 and hucked for ten scores a pretty average day.

Lots of lanes open right now and Bar Harbor Blueberry on tap for $7.23 a pint.

1-0 bitches, get used to it!

Set em up
knock em down
I make the Quarterfinals every year! You might be a better Ultimate player than me, but I am a better bowler than you!

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