1-0, report it

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1-0, report it

Postby the_kid » Monday 28th 2012f May 2012 09:0:53 PM

There is really nothing like winning. Winning, it's the best. I can't really put into words the feeling of just dominating a person, a team, an entire league. The best part is they know it's coming. They act like they have a chance, but 45 minutes later at 15-2 as we are doing the line up and high five thing, as they are all high fiving me, congratulating me on utterly destroying them, that is validation. It's magic, to give someone a beating and then for them to thank you for it.

Bingas will be the first team to simultaneously take a beating on the field from Gritty's and a verbal beating from Stienman. For those of you that don't know much about the early days of frisbee and Red Tide, Stienman made a living with his deep cuts. Still does. If you ignore him, he'll roast you for a score as you know where the Kid is going to put it, once around the horse track into the endzone. Stienman is then going to call his buddy Denis and tell him about it.

As I have previously written, if I have drafted you, you're welcome. Quints, if you don't go in the first next year, I'll try to get you in the second, make you a winner. You won't be winning anything on Bingas, you'll find out tomorrow. No offense.

To the other people I have promised championships to: Fake Tardiff, Bramley, Troy (again), Aikens, JG (kidding, he'll injure himself trying to injure me a la Dave Kallin), Andy Smith if he ever comes back from his crusade, C-rob and Dave Kallin (again), either do something really impressive at next years Gritty's try outs like laying out through the sun a la The Kid, or hope that at the draft I call your name. I'll probably just call my own name, seven times.

Roll Gritty's!!!
Just trying to have a good time, hang out with some friends, if I happen to win a few (a few) games and be Fast as f*ck and ripped as hell!!!along the way, so be it..........


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