So good, I have to captain myself

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The Huth

So good, I have to captain myself

Postby The Huth » Thursday 24th 2012f May 2012 08:0:20 AM

After years of being everyone's favorite and most dominant late round deep deep, I am hanging that role up and putting on my captain's hat. And after this self-interview, you will know The Huth a little bit better.

Do I expect success? I sure do.

Who are your influences? My time on Arg has exposed me the greats. Alan F., Brian Simpson, Dave Skelly-beans, Michigan's own Chris Strahler. Alan has taught me the throw and go. Brian Simpson has helped me perfect the foot-first slide-catch. He always waves me in for a score in the endzone. Skeelyator has shown me the way of the forehand airbounce. And Chris Strahler is like the example you learn from, not how to do things, but how not to do things. Throwing out of bounds, for example. From time to time I see him throw it out of bounds, and I say to myself "Huth, don't do that." I like to think that line of thinking makes me a good role model.

What team are you captaining? Well, I don't know yet, I assume that sort of thing gets dealt with at the draft. I wouldn't mind a team like Bruno's. Elegant, yet down to earth, like me.

Do you have any advice for other teams? Yes. Don't go deep, I'll be there. If you want a good draft, grab yourself a cold Coor's light at the bar or sit next to me tonight.

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