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Winter league Watcher

Postby Quints » Tuesday 24th 2012f January 2012 02:0:42 PM

Namaste Portland

I guess I can assume that no one is reading this as the board only gets popular at the time same time that outdoor frisbee is worth doing, that being the time when the temperature rises. But I keep my self in a state of perpetual summer, if you will. That being the season of hot yoga. there is nothing like being in that hot hot room doing those hot hot poses every morning at 5:50 AM, until the last standing downward triangle pose at 6:40 AM, and then seeing my yogi smile at me as I give him the goodbye salutation as I walk through the exit.

So I guess it is only natural for me to be typing on here, if my brain thinks it is summer. And I am only into being natural, Hello Ladies!! That's why I like to keep my feet a la natural when I'm at work, and that's why I wear the calf sleeves. It's like an eighth layer of skin. Plus I look dead sexy in my sleeves. Hello Ladies.

Winter league, I'll just be a watcher, Hello Ladies!!. I don't need to win some second tier summer league. Give me the one with 8 thousand people, so I can bring Life Is Good into the main stream. Think I'm kidding? I don't Kid. People like to say, I kid I kid, but never me.

But I'm conditioning myself to remain in summer.

Quints out!!!!
I'm witty, I'm flexible, I'm generous with the disc (hello ladies). I've got it all!

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