Side of Winning for $2.25!!!!!

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Side of Winning for $2.25!!!!!

Postby Charlie Mitchell » Tuesday 26th 2011f July 2011 11:0:20 AM

Namaste Portland Ultimate!

The day we've ( all been waiting for is almost upon us. The return of our Prodigal Bond. I just hope irreparable damage to team chemistry hasn't been done to the point where even Bond can't help this band of losers. The losing has gotten so bad that Dr. Ted has started to lay out on D. When your teams second best handler is Charlie Mitchell you are in trouble. Damn it I got so magnitized by that 5-2 start that I started planning a closed doors private party celebreation for our title here at Bayside. I was going to have a banner made and hang it with the Bowl Portland banners and pet the thing every damn day. Worst part of the season has been having Filthy McNasty as an employee. I gotta hear every damn day how a 17-1 record is better than a 6-12 record like I don't know that, I went to Tufts for godsakes, I know math damn it!!! It's like 2 months since we been in the power rankings, BEER is in the power rankings every damn week. Thank God I can smell bowling right around the corner, if I can just keep my wrist and forearm healthy this year I should be able to average a 200. I am hoping all the sprint work and power lifting I did to prepare me for Bayside's run at a title will help!

Well I'm not in a good mood today so no stinking specials. Not to mention Leding, Troy, Bates, Port Sports Ellis, Rich and Steinman cleaned me out at Saturday's open bar. Jesus, if you are going to have an open bar do not invite these animals. So just come on in have a double cheeseburger a lowenbrau and shut the hell up!
I make the Quarterfinals every year! You might be a better Ultimate player than me, but I am a better bowler than you!

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