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Postby Grittys Watcher '11 » Wednesday 22nd 2011f June 2011 10:0:10 AM

Just a quick jog around the Back Cove this morning as a recovery form last nights beat down of another great Summer League team.

We let them score 10 on us, as we've realized the more point that we give up, the more points we can play. Playing ultimate is fun, winning is fun, if you beat a team 15-5, you don't play as much frisbee, so that isn't as much fun.

9-0 Who haven't we beaten? Maine Academy, NGVS, APT, Nosh and Mortgage Network, add your team name here. You could also add Chum, Mogwai, Shipwrecked, Dead Reckoning, Portage, Smelts and whatever other team you can think of.

Do I hear perfect season coming up?

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