The Pressure is Off

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The Pressure is Off

Postby Cootah » Thursday 26th 2011f May 2011 02:0:23 PM

Oh man, I was feeling good coming out of the draft. Got some friends on my team, got some talent, secured some secret picks, you know, stuff that every other captain would tell you about his/her draft. It's a total blanket statement. I can tell you exactly what Chris Strahler said about his team the day after the draft. Probably something like this: "I'm happy, looks like a fun team. Some people I just don't know, but I'm sure it's the same with everyone. We'll see." You know what I said? Here it is- I'm ecstatic about my team, I have the tallest handler in the league, and his tall brother, not to mention a ton of chemistry, 4 different sets of people directly related, ( the fourth being me and P-buck, Arg is like a big family). You can't buy that kind of chemistry, no other team here has anything like that.

Now, here we are one game into the season and I am relieved. Being placed in the top ten right off the bat was flattering and a little bit of a shock. I didn't really know how to handle the success that I hadn't really earned, I guess the rankers recognized that I drafted a family oriented team and that must have won me some points. But phew! Now that I have lost, something I am used to in summer league, I can get back to my roots. No expectations, no speculations.

Now that I am feeling good, I may just bounce back with a win. Flatbread? Terrible service, of the disc. After we are done flattening you, We will skip out on the check, but leave you with a tip... if you see us in the tournament, which is likely because we will be a high seed, you will be the low seed (this really goes for all of the teams we play) you better bring a blanket and an umbrella, maybe a six pack of the high life, because you're not going to want to miss us in the finals.
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