I'm Famous Son!

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I'm Famous Son!

Postby Ben_Davis » Friday 13th 2011f May 2011 12:0:31 AM

Thanks to all you who stop me on the street, congratulate me and tell me you like my tweets, you my peeps, or really my sheeps, you ain't my deep deeps, that's Trevor D, looks like he's asleep, but he'll swat the pie tin into a nearby tree, socks pulled up to his knee, sleeves cut off like big benji!

Newb called me a slow poke, made him ride the oak, benched his ass for his sass, lack of class and he ain't never caught a pass because I ain't never thrown a disc to a fool that gonna be a risk. I looked him off more times than Paulie Rees got skies. Former second round villain, Paulie Rees now a captain, though he'll wish he was a villain the second he gets trapped in, the villa box in 1 zone, sent Maine Gym packin', No slackin' cause Villa en route to be the champs, and a lifetime of shakin' hands.

If I pick you, thank your lucky stars, yo, might find yourself in a big, long car, when they roll out the red carpet for Villa in Carnate.

Villa 2011 gonna be off the hook. I ain't no crook, I am a villain.
Would you like a slice of pizza with your win?

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