Summer League DVD

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Summer League DVD

Postby Jonathon Gilbert » Thursday 17th 2011f March 2011 10:0:34 AM

I didn't make the dvd this year. I am truly upset. I guess I am to blame. Why didn't I draft Bates!!!!!!!!!!!!
And here's a warning for you captains out there:

In your first round pick, if you go for 2 college players that are linked, make sure they have letting off steam periodically through out the school year. And I define fun as having a few drinks and socializing, then getting to bed at a reasonable hour so I'll be able to function the next day. Simply put by a great man, not to mortgage one night for the next day.

Make sure this linked duo went to college in a location capable of supplying fun, and not some seemingly endless flat expanse of land covered with corn fields, which is incidentally the place, and only place to go to have some fun, and by fun, I mean play corn-cobb freeze tag (it is exactly like it sounds), and rat tail each other with towels made of corn husks. And then, when they get to town, it is like a kid who is tasting sugar for the first time. It's like they are turning 21, everynight, and celebrating especially hard on the night before the summer league tournament.

This year, I'm going for Bates, and maybe a more mature first round pick. Anybody know if Friedland is captaining? I would love to get Peter Cooke again.

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