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Fart of Dentistry

My Predictions and Convictions!

Postby Fart of Dentistry » Tuesday 27th 2010f July 2010 11:0:41 AM

What's up yall it's the Wild Thang in the mother fucking house!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, midget throw and go handlers are in vogue this summer in PSL. Sure my special lady friend ain't good enough to play for Mogwai (Portland's Best Club Team, men's, women's, mixed, masters, bar none!), but she sure is good enough to burn ya ass in PSL. And before you go hatin' on midget handlers let me set the record straight that the best midget handler around (well he used to be before me) Toby Jacobys has ruled this league with an iron fist for years and my sidekick and fellow midget handler Kevin Massey before him. We are all midgets here at FOD (Fart of Dentistry-we had to change the name because with Coastal Shellness, and Amerisurprise we in the runnin' for worst fucking sponsor in the league) that said we will sky yo ass! We beat Paulie Royale with only 5 people last week, how's that fools.

Also ain't no stinkin' Cinderella, ella, ella, ella, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, this year, nosireeebob, it's all #1 seeds this year in the semi's!

Villa, FOD, Maine Germ, Shiptard, gonna be an all Mogwai final, as finally a Mogwai run team wins PSL for the first time, step aside Tide Boys, Chummers and Porkers, it is our time, right now.

Fart on three!
1, 2, 3, FART!

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