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Postby Ben_Davis » Sunday 25th 2010f July 2010 05:0:10 PM

Listen up brothers. Well you know they said it was my last ride man! Last summer league tournament, when I finished hanging and banging. When I jumped in the subaru man. As I went thru the intersection. As I headed for the mountains, some of the nonbelievers at the beginner's clinic said "See ya later Benjster man! This is your last ride." Take me alive brothers. When I felt the fury. As I ripped. As I tore this shirt As I headed for the sunset man. I looked down brothers. And as the sun beamed off the golden eyes, I realized that sooner or later, you gotta live and die and you gotta face the truth. And for you Big Paulie Rees and Leding , it's time to face the truth brother. Because when I think about what you and I have to do man. What I have to do is nothing. All I have to do is merely throw about 15 hucks a game. But Wild Thing, you've gotta face the truth brother. In its purest form man. The purest truth there is man. The training, saying your prayers, eating the vitamins. And to beat me man, You've got to beat every little Villamaniac, every little Villain in the world. Everyone that plays it straight. All the ones that don't take any shortcuts brother. And they usually say "If the dirty air don't get you, the politicians will." But in this case. It's going to be Villamania. And the reason it's going to get you man, it's the purest form of the truth there is. And I can't wait to see you go down at the feet of Villamania in front of 90,000 plus at field 2 at the fairgrounds. What you gonna do Friedland and Toby, when the real truth, the 24 inch pythons and Villamania runs wild on you?
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