Ain't no quintsidence

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Ain't no quintsidence

Postby JQuints » Saturday 10th 2010f July 2010 03:0:33 PM

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw yeeeeeeah

Give it up for ya boy Quints!

Ain't no quintsidence
None of y'all can step to this
Ain't no accident just a quincident
I spit my rhymes fresh cuz I eat breath mints

When I guard ya it's like a catastrophe
I just poach and get a relaxin' D
All the hunnies on the sideline be flashin' me
When I pull Benji Davis claps for me

Ya know sometimes hot dog's be chokin' me
But I'm like a fire, best not be stokin' me
Ain't no faster duo than coke n' me
You mark me like that, son, you get broken, see?

My team's full a young 'uns but it don't get me down
When they take ya downtown, make ya look a clown
Come tourney day we clear our path like a plow
And on July 31st I'll be wearin' the crown

I got a new flick huck and I love to make it rain
Make ya run the wrong way, cuz I control your brain
Ya really wanna sky me, you better rent a crane
Lucey gonna deconstruct ya, look out for the train!

I'm like MC with my hammer and ya just can't touch this
The newbies on my team say my speeches always uplift
I make ya move around as if you was my puppet
I'm gonna impregnate ya and ya give birth to Quintsuplets!

Joe Lucey Construction, out!

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