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and another thing

Postby Emoo » Thursday 08th 2010f July 2010 02:0:31 PM

why do people insist on drinking sports drinks. is it the color that attractive? an electric blue or atomic yellow or radioactive red? no thank you. those drinks are way too flashy. even orange juice is a little too in your face, trying to get your attention. all of these drinks are trying too hard. it's the same with people on my team. if you want the disc, i'm not going to throw it to you. don't jump up and down, don't scream for it, don't try to show me in any way that you think you are open. it's only when you aren't looking that i will throw it. do you ever wonder why i like to throw hammers? it's not that no one expects them or that maybe yes, the person is open. it's that they aren't asking for it. they are there hanging out, not looking for any special treatment, like a glass of water.

water has the best taste.
Don't worry about it.

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