2010 does it again!

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2010 does it again!

Postby Quints » Thursday 24th 2010f June 2010 11:0:26 AM

Sometimes you know that it is going to be your day, and for me, my day always seems to happen in June, and mostly on the longest day of the year. Last year I had no idea that when I drove up to Cumberland on that sunny Saturday, that I would be the player/captain/coach of the eventual Solstice Tournament winning team. I had a feeling that something great would happen, but it was no more than a feeling, a little tap on my shoulder. This year was the same situation. I wasn't even going to play at this past Solstice tourney, but once again, the sun was shining in the morning and on that Saturday, I said to myself, I think I'll go for a walk and see where that takes me. Well, it turned into a walk to my car, which turned into a drive to the fairgrounds just to "check out" what was going on. And then I felt that tap on my shoulder. I strapped on my speedsters and gave Mike Friedland his first tournament win since 2001.

It makes sense that my day is the longest day of the year. I'm feeling pretty good today. I wasn't going to play in my summer league game tonight, but I think I'll go anyway, just to "check it out."

I am the most winningest BS tournament participator in the world!

And no, that's not dandruff on my left shoulder. I throw some salt over it before every game, and as I wake up in the morning, and as they call out the Bingo letters on Wednesday nights at OPT, and as the cards are dealt in online texas hold 'em. It takes more than skill to win 2 Solstice tournaments.
I'm witty, I'm flexible, I'm generous with the disc (hello ladies). I've got it all!

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