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Postby No Umbrella Digest » Tuesday 22nd 2010f June 2010 02:0:25 PM

Extra, Extra, No Umbrella due for 2 wins. They lose 3, they win 2. They lose 3, they win 2. It doesn't matter the opponents. Captain Nick throws games and tries extra hard, taking games over by cutting long for Danny Agne to keep that cycle going, like a good newspaper does to stay on schedule. He may not recognize himself on laundry time in the lay out report, but he sure will dive for the d when he needs to. Besides, scandal makes for good news. Well, interesting news, not necessarily good. They will win tonight.

Extra, Extra, carpooling keeps morale high as more quality hang out time leads to established chemistry. No Umbrella likes to carpool to not only keep the earth somewhat intact and healthy, as much as possible, but to really get to know each other and enjoy each others company. Lets not forget the other perks of carpooling- shared expenses, de-stressing driving situations, and of course the carpool lane.

There is no match up for captain Nick tonight in the air. Troy can jump, but he isn't tall. Dylan is tall, but can not jump. Both have questionable throws. Nick knows his limits and sticks to the game plan, which is basically smiling and having fun. Who likes to get beat by someone smiling all the time? Not Dylan and definitely not Troy.

I saw Nick today. He was clean shaven and well groomed, ready to handle papparazzi when he strolls into Brunos. Speaking of the post game, Captain Nick, be sure not to tell anyone that we won. They might serve us Milwakee's Best when we ask for Long Trail. Or worse, telling us that the kitchen is closed.

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