More time to PARTY!!!!

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Shiphead 2010

More time to PARTY!!!!

Postby Shiphead 2010 » Monday 21st 2010f June 2010 09:0:46 AM

Have you bought your ticket yet? No, I'm talking about the Nateva Festival, although you better believe that the Shipheads will be there, serving drinks and playing beer pong with 15,000 of our closest deadheads, phish-heads and moe.-tor-heads friends. I'm talking about a ticket to the Shiphead 2010 festival, taking place on July 31. All day party!! Tunes a'going, drinks a'plenty, the bar we set up will be like nothing you've seen. We will have it set up in the deadhead's van. If you want a drink, throw up your freak flag and give it a good wave. When you see a big flag in the air coming at you and it sounds like Trey is getting louder, the bar is rolling your way.

As for this double header business, PARTY ON!!!! Another team to play is another team to boat race. CHUG CHUG CHUGALUG!!! CHUG CHUG, HEALTHY GLUG!!! Yes, we're still undefeated. But we're more focused on partying. To tell the truth, most of the time, we forget that a game, other than the beer pong game being played on the sideline, is being played. One time we had to tear the med-head away from a game of gargoyle to go play on the field. It's like people signed up for summer league just for the chance to be a Shiphead.

We play hard and we party hard. But we're just here to party.

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