What did I Learn from Last Year?

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What did I Learn from Last Year?

Postby Ben_Davis » Wednesday 16th 2010f June 2010 02:0:23 PM

I didn't really learn much. I will continue to crush teams, crush their spirits, crush their wills to compete. I did realize that the full Davis clan needs to be on the villain board in order to do well in the tournament and make the finals. Lights out is back along wish some fresh villain blood. Big Poppa Owen.

Just like last summer, as we demolished teams and didn't let them score more than a few points, we do that this summer. We scoff, we snicker, we raise our villainous fists to the villainous clouds after scores upon scores. And Big Poppa Owen reaches the highest.

I have learned nothing. Last year was a fluke. I have been in the finals too many times not to win. How many other people can say that? Maybe Dylan? I don't know. I doesn't matter. Every morning, I get up. I look in the mirror and I says to myself, "self, it's time to win a summer league title."
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