Another Piece of the Puzzle... Ever Just Ever.....

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Another Piece of the Puzzle... Ever Just Ever.....

Postby Quints » Tuesday 15th 2010f June 2010 11:0:31 AM

Portland, you know me well. You know I enjoy antiquing. You know I like to drive around looking for yard sales. You know that I am the owner of a stain glass kit that I stow under my bed when I'm not using it. Hello Ladies! What you might not know is that I really take pleasure in a good game of pool. From the break, that's when one of the players initially strikes the cue ball to get the game going, to the final sinking of the inevitable eight ball, it's just a fantastic way to end the day. Poetry is also a hobby of mine. Hello Ladies!!!

I had even seriously entertained the possibility of buying a pool table. This was back when I was first moving into my first apartment. I didn't have many things, no furniture except for a love seat (hello ladies!) that is straight out of a 1989 honda civic. It's literally the back seat of a car, hello ladies. So, buying a pool table could serve both as a pool table, and a bed!

Alas, this never came to fruition. I still keep the idea and possibility kicking around though. I like to consider myself the cue ball in a game of frisbee, as the central player on Joe Lucey Construction. The cue ball has to touch every other ball in order to go in, just as I moderate every play that leads to a score. It only makes sense that I refer myself as the cue ball.

Ever just... Ever....
I'm witty, I'm flexible, I'm generous with the disc (hello ladies). I've got it all!

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