Ever just ever.......

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Ever just ever.......

Postby Quints » Tuesday 08th 2010f June 2010 09:0:49 AM

You know, have you ever just ever........

This morning, I woke up laughing because of a dream. I know, I know – George Carlin has a bit in which he says that nothing is more boring than when people tell you about the dream they had, but bear with me.

In the dream, I was laying on my couch watching a movie in which Will Ferrell was doing his GW Bush impersonation. He was in a room with a live chimp. He’ saying something to the chimp, whose back is facing him, but I don’t recall what. Then he pulls out from his sleeve one of those thin floss-like ropes that people in the movies use to strangle people, and he says in his best GW voice, “Well Chimpy – it’s time for your come-uppance!” and he begins to put the super thin rope over the chimp. But just then, the scene cuts away.

I dreamed that I then fell off my couch laughing, and when I woke up I continued laughing.

Some men dream about women. Some about fame. Some about money. I dream of Will Ferrell as George W. Bush preparing to strangle a chimp. I don’t even know what to say about that.

Ever just ever..........
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