you kiddin' me?

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simon n' penny

you kiddin' me?

Postby simon n' penny » Saturday 05th 2010f June 2010 11:0:26 AM

Whut the hell Portland? Here ya got two o' the finest frisbee-huckers ever come outta Iwa, an' we gonna grace y'all with our presnce all summer long. We says to each other when we signed up, "man, no way nobody forgets that ass-whoopin' we lay on this town 2 years ago!" Well after penny (er maybe it was simon) got ol' Blow Portland on the board in the tourney in oh 9, thought maybe somebody's remember us. After all, we still up to our 2 favrite pastimes. Kickin' ass and takin' names! Woooooeeeeeee!

Anyhow, seems somehow y'all forgot to pick us on up in the draft, and we fall all the way down ta JG. Jon-a-than Gil-burt? You kiddin' me? This greasy-haired monkey fucker don't know a popper from a pooper. Well we know plenty about both and we mad as hell. Oh and four? Man, forget that - maybe we just stay out here all summer an' leave ol' novaree to suck it up in their own slop. We do got it pretty sweet - plenty of corn of all types - we got blue corn, red corn, mid-summer sweet corn, bicolor corn - damn that last one's tasty! Fact, we were thinkin' of namin' arselves the Bi Brothers in honor! Ah but we diygress. After all we ain't quitters, so we'll probly show up an' get some wins for ol' Pepper. That's it, le's fire up the corn-mobile and head out now! You done been warned, Portland, we's a comin'!

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