Portland's Most Eligible Free Agent

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Portland's Most Eligible Free Agent

Postby Matt Bates » Thursday 22nd 2010f April 2010 12:0:55 PM

That's right summer league captains, I'm back and in better shape than ever. You know when the older folks come out of the woodwork to take another stab at the big game, and they say they are in better shape then they've ever been? Well, I am in the best shape of my life. Nothing like an injury to show you how important your health is. That's something my best bud JG and I have in common. though, it's relatively new to me, being injured. But it's good to be best buds with someone who knows what you're going through. I don't think he's ever had a broken collar bone before, but everything injury in the book, he's had them all. This is what he tells me anyway. Back in the colder months when Rich Young was putting on those indoor sessions, I would sign up to get back in frisbee form, and hey, there's JG's name. I would try to swing it so we were on the same team. I tried to bribe Rich, I offered him free triathalon lessons, but he is such an honest person, he wouldn't have it. He would say, "Leding already thinks that these teams are rigged. He would find out and I would never hear the end of it, just like I already don't."

So anyway, I ready to be somebody's Ladisman. Give me a shot and I'll give you a title. Remember me in the draft. Wink wink wink, JG, I'm counting on you bud. We can make this the summer of Jon.
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