Once a winner, always a Winner

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Once a winner, always a Winner

Postby Quints » Wednesday 17th 2010f March 2010 06:0:53 PM

Namaste Portland Ultimate Frisbee tossers,

This weather has me thinking frisbee frisbee Frisbee.
It’s warm out. Note that I said warm. Not too hot, and not too cool either. Warm, like the way I like my Oolong tea. And why do I bring up Oolong tea, especially on a Wednesday? Because, you can only describe it as green, which is of course the color of the day, and the color of Boru’s synthetic fibers that I’ve already designed and ordered. All we need now is for the draft to get over with and teams can start losing to the tune of Kelly green Brian Boru. Oolong tea also is very smooth, has style and tradition. All qualities I like to think I associate myself with.
I am already working on my draft board, as are all of the other captains I can only assume. I have several emails in to the local Maine, New Hampshire and Boston colleges and Universities regarding players on their teams and whether or not any of them are even considering coming to Maine for the summer. I tried to push the “well, Portland has a great duck tour, and the restaurants are open until 11 if you get hungry late night,” angles. Time will only tell if I am as persuasive as I am a winner. I did make it to the elite eight last summer. Second straight year too. Although, if you ask me at a post-game, I will tell you all night that we should have beaten Maine Gym. Yada yada yada, beat Benji in the finals, yada yada yada. I don’t mean to live in the past. We did have the hardest path to the quarters that summer too, so don’t give me any bull bones about that.
I typically like to draft the same time year after year with a few exceptions, but, really, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Am I wrong? Hello Ladies!!!

Brian Boru Brian Boru
Too good for you, too good for you
Tried and true and Trite and True
Brian Boru Brian Boru
I'm witty, I'm flexible, I'm generous with the disc (hello ladies). I've got it all!

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