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Postby Jonathon Gilbert » Tuesday 13th 2009f October 2009 02:0:48 PM

What is so great about the winter? No, not the snow. Sure, skiing is alright, but when an activity like that is so fraught with potential injury, got to watch out for the knees and ankles, you can only go through rehab and physical therapy so many times before it's not fun anymore, you have Sub Early Sub Often. That' right, a nice wad of ultimate in your pocket come the time when the temp drops and the ground is too cold to stick a tent steak into.

What gives you shelter when you can't throw an e-z up together? Your space in Gorham, and it is big enough to house you and 79 of your best friends, plus spectators.

I may have made the semi's, as a captain/player/coach in summer league, but I will win the SESO sessions, all 6 of them.

If you are on my team, be thankful. You'll get plenty of rest. Ask anybody. I don't sub early and I don't sub often. But we'll make it to the semi's. I promise.

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