Lost Frisbee

If you lost it or found it.. Post here..

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Lost Frisbee

Postby Andrew_Aikens » Saturday 09th 2012f June 2012 10:0:06 AM

I left a red tide frisbee at the fields thursday. You can make out my faded name on the back of the disc - you know the "rim up" side.

Serious about this.

Playing this year every fourth Tuesday, an occasional Thursday, and will be late to the tournament.

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Re: Lost Frisbee

Postby the_kid » Saturday 09th 2012f June 2012 12:0:38 PM

I found it, said what the heck, threw a hammer, it's somewhere between Pluto and the end of the universe (if you believe such a place exists). It might have gotten sucked into the 5th dimension.

That said, Roll Gritty's!!!
Just trying to have a good time, hang out with some friends, if I happen to win a few (a few) games and be Fast as f*ck and ripped as hell!!!along the way, so be it..........


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