Looking for a win

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Looking for a win

Postby B.Richmond » Sunday 17th 2011f July 2011 09:0:50 PM

I lost a game. I lost a lot of games.

Ben Waike
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Re: Looking for a win

Postby Ben Waike » Monday 18th 2011f July 2011 10:0:42 AM

Technically Ben, this is not the right place to be addressing your lack of victories. I understand your need to vent, but you are more likely to get ridiculed when posting your sorrows on the board here. And while it seems sincere as you are posting in the Lost and Found and you truly are looking for a win, you really haven't lost anything is the sense of the word lost in regards to misplacing something. You never had a victory in had which you put down somewhere and now can't find. And nobody is just going to hand you a win, unless you are playing Consigli.
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Port Sports Ellis
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Re: Looking for a win

Postby Port Sports Ellis » Monday 18th 2011f July 2011 02:0:57 PM

Hey Ben your response to Ben's inquiry is the worst written piece of shit I have ever read you incoherent fuck!
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Re: Looking for a win

Postby benwake » Monday 18th 2011f July 2011 05:0:06 PM

What about my response to your response to "my" response to the original post? Pretty readable? Not extreme enough? Needs more bark? Less bite? Great taste? Less filling?

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