Lost at Wainwright

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Lost at Wainwright

Postby Fuzzy » Friday 23rd 2010f July 2010 09:0:31 AM

Medium sized cardboard box with speakers sticking out of it and Team 30 written on it. Ameriprise Financial shirts and a notepad inside.

Also the game I played in last night.

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Re: Lost at Wainwright

Postby Andrew_Aikens » Friday 23rd 2010f July 2010 09:0:30 AM

Ha ha. You had it in your possession, but it slipped through your fingers!!! It might have gotten lost in the swamps at wainwright, but it's gone now.

The box isn't mine. I stopped using cardboard boxes as duffle bags and switched to grocery bags a long time ago.


Playing this year every fourth Tuesday, an occasional Thursday, and will be late to the tournament.

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Re: Lost at Wainwright

Postby Quints » Friday 23rd 2010f July 2010 12:0:59 PM

What the hell are you talking about Aikens? You're not making any sense. Too much sun go to your head? You know, as per Dave Owen's instructions, you have to re-apply in order for the sunscreen to really work. I know that you like to tell people that "it's not a burn" and that you are "just permanently pissed off," but c'mon man. LIsten to yourself. YOU'RE NOT MAKING ANY SENSE!!!
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