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Jonathon Gilbert
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lost disc

Postby Jonathon Gilbert » Monday 12th 2010f July 2010 11:0:52 PM

has anyone seen a montreal jazz fest disc? it is a little dear to me. you see, a few years ago, red tide went to the tournament with less than savage. it's quite a long story, but if you give me my disc back, i'll buy you a drink and you might even get the story out of it. thanks.

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Re: lost disc

Postby slade » Tuesday 13th 2010f July 2010 10:0:30 AM

Sorry dude, I found that disc and was using it for pull practice. As you can guess it's now in thousands of pieces after the shear power of my sonic pull broke it apart. It might of had a chance but I was pissed just coming out of the A Team movie - I didn't realize Mr T wasn't cast as BA. That's like not having Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf 2.
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The Huth

Re: lost disc

Postby The Huth » Thursday 15th 2010f July 2010 01:0:16 PM

Or a Karate Kid movie without Ralph Machio. But, you gotta give it to Will Smith Jr. Way smoother than Ralph ever was. Two kitanas up!

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