Lost Coach Paul and Andy Aikens

If you lost it or found it.. Post here..

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Lost Coach Paul and Andy Aikens

Postby Leding » Friday 28th 2010f May 2010 10:0:31 AM

Anyone seen this two?
Just looking forward to not playing at all......


Re: Lost Coach Paul and Andy Aikens

Postby @therealjillfitz » Tuesday 18th 2011f October 2011 11:0:40 AM

Haven't seen those 2, but i did lose a tent and 2 sleeping bags at clambake....if anyone found them please let me know! orange and black tent, 2 sleeping bags inside, may have blown away

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Re: Lost Coach Paul and Andy Aikens

Postby Quints » Wednesday 09th 2011f November 2011 03:0:14 PM

I found them, along with a pair of nikes, some sun glasses with some paint on them and 2 cells phones. I sold them all on ebay. Calf sleeves and jasmine rice ain't free.
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Re: Lost Coach Paul and Andy Aikens

Postby Jonathon Gilbert » Wednesday 09th 2011f November 2011 03:0:21 PM

Quints, have you seen my batman mask? The last time I saw it was when Prosser was wearing it, pretending to be a bull and running at people. I'd really like it back.


Re: Lost Coach Paul and Andy Aikens

Postby n9nelives » Friday 11th 2011f November 2011 04:0:07 PM

Haven't seen it.

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Re: Lost Coach Paul and Andy Aikens

Postby the_kid » Thursday 17th 2011f November 2011 07:0:17 PM

Coach and Aikens took a little trip to Atlantic City to experience some Furthur, first hand. Why do I know this? Because I went too, me and the only cheauffur in Portland to
a) witness the Kid win 4 summer league titles. Notice how I didn't say gritty's or Lobster company. The kid won them, breathing fire on D and hucking hammers for scores on O like it's halloween and Avery and the rest of the squads are dressed up as Gritty players. Happy Halloween.
b) be on a team up on the kid, only to lose and get destroyed by gritty's. As the sun is setting Karate Kid style, gritty's is on top of the mountain crane kicking, laruso style, teams out of the power rankings, into the losers brackets, into the cellar. I threw Geary's through a mountain that day. would have done it on tourney day too had Tommy's back not given out.

Haven't seen coach or aikens since atlantic city. Must have gone on tour with the dead.

Roll Gritty's.

Try out info to be posted soon.
Just trying to have a good time, hang out with some friends, if I happen to win a few (a few) games and be Fast as f*ck and ripped as hell!!!along the way, so be it..........


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