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Postby Leding » Wednesday 17th 2009f June 2009 04:0:04 PM

I found what appear to be a pair of woman's sunglasses between field 6 and 7 last night.

If yours email me at

Just looking forward to not playing at all......

Dylan M

Re: Sunglasses

Postby Dylan M » Friday 19th 2009f June 2009 04:0:45 PM

Easy Mike your a married man.



Re: Sunglasses

Postby $lade » Saturday 20th 2009f June 2009 10:0:32 PM

Those are my glasses Mike. You see, once upon a time, there was a deep throw. The throw was aimed at a streaking lady. As it happens, I was leering at that very lady, so I just happen to see the throw go up. I slam-danced my way to the point at which I could get it first, but hit some obstruction on the way up. It felt like a piece of grass, but as I looked down I saw the lady go flying across the field. But as she was going in one direction, there was something soaring in the other direction. I forgot about the disc, after doing my job, and went after the glasses.

So, if you could get those back to me, I would appreciate it. Thanks Mike.



Re: Sunglasses

Postby $lade » Wednesday 24th 2009f June 2009 01:0:57 PM

Hey Mike,

You never did get back to me about the glasses. Should I come over and pick them up? I'll be walking from Portland, so expect me some time around the weekend. I imagine that I'll be pretty tired after the walk too. I'd really like to have those glasses. Thanks.


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