That's all you got Portland?

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That's all you got Portland?

Postby #1 County Boy » Sunday 20th 2011f November 2011 02:0:48 AM

Brad Pitt is awesome. When he played Achilles in that silly boat movie he was soooo badass. Whenever I win a game of boot or dominate seso I always hear my inner Brad Pitt yelling...

"Is there no one else?... IS THERE NO ONE ELSE!?"

Seriously though guys, hit the gym or get Ironside to send some players up next time because I am getting tired of dominating.

p.s. Keep your chin up Coke. We have a saying in The County:

"Even the potatoes see the sun eventually."

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Re: That's all you got Portland?

Postby Quints » Tuesday 22nd 2012f May 2012 08:0:45 AM

I have said that saying once or twice Jared.

The good days in the county, chasing frogs, the blueberry fights, sneaking up on someone with a thorn prickley and sticking them with it, putting mud in someone's shoes. We had a lot of fun.

If you draft me, we can be like a tractor, a well oiled machine, picking wins like they were potatoes. Remember when we made the semis. I have always attributed that success to you. Have I ever told you that I picked you that summer and got bond as baggage?

Don't forget me in the draft kid. The semis is calling like the rooster is crowing.
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